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More minor site improvements

I've been doing a little work under the hood, with a few [mumble, mumble] incidents along the way. Sorry about that.

1. There should be a big, big speedup for people who are not logged in -- check it out! The trade-off is that only if you log in do you get the very latest postings and comments.

2. There have been more minor changes to the title area. First, the second-level "My" menus no longer appear to users who aren't logged in. That was always a little ridiculous, since who would be the "me?" Second, the caption under the logo doesn't run into the top level menu any more. In fact, I turned off the caption entirely until I can get it to rotate along with the pictures.

3. I think that I corrected the false alarms in the Corrente Mail message, up in the top right corner under the welcome area. There seemed to be a garden variety "off by 1" error, such that the message saying you had mail would kick in even when there were 0 messages, since the program believed there was 1. I just tested it, with jawbone's help, and it seems to be working.

4. Finally, for group members and moderators, and Fellows, there is a file upload option, so Plantidotes (for example) can be uploaded directly to the Corrente server and flickr, or other services like flickr, do not have to be used. Of course, you can keep using flickr if you want. (I'd give everybody this privilege -- in the administrative sense of the world -- if I could, but there's only so much storage space, even with the new server.)

Those of you who have this privilege will see a new tab reading "File Browser" in your Account page. That shows you the directory you can upload files into, and what's in that directory. Also, when you click the IMG button on the toolbar when you are editing a post, you will see Browse button, which will display the same directory. Later, I'll write a more detailed post on the system I've been using for uploading Plantidote files.

Things I still have to do:

1. Joining groups works for some but not all.

2. Straighten out why maps don't appear in Events any more; the site seems to have gotten confused during the period just before the server upgrade, when I was throwing switches on or off all the time to keep the hamster cages turning.

3. Broken title links on the front page, and on glossary pages. Still don't know why that's happening.

4. The links under and around "Communications" tools in the middle sidebar need to be tinkered with.

5. Get those captions rotating with the images!

6. The IE8 highlighting bug.

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