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More like this, please

Area man vigorously picks nose, winks at us before TNT broadcast of Blazers/Knicks (VIDEO):

And just like that, scores of parents changed the channel and refused to let their children watch the nightcap, lest the broadcast teach their kids that it's OK to do other gross stuff in public, too (looking at you, Clipping Your Toenails On The Train). That's a bummer, because it means they missed Rookie-of-the-Year-in-waiting Damian Lillard dropping 26 points and 10 dimes on an undermanned and outshined Knicks squad en route to a 105-90 Blazers win. Now that's something every child should get to see.

That's a Good Thing. TV is a public health hazard. It's good that children aren't exposed to it. I think the guy used the great power of his coutside seat responsibly.