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More hard times for Christians in Syria: A rescuer's tale

Part One:

Part Two:

Life in Damascus:

Via Brian commenting at Moon of AL.

Notice that the Christians are at least treated better than the Alawites, as the "activists" slogan indicates:

Christians to Beirut; Alawites to hell.

Meanwhile, it may be that EU and US desire to secure an oil and natural gas pipeline which avoids Russia may lead to the anti-Assad powers now wanting to keep him power until the end of his presidential term -- planning on whatever government follows him will be locked into this pipeline deal. Uh, sounds like "hope is a plan"? But it's a long held plan to neuter Russia and can serve to help hobble Iran, so what's not to like?

But, on the news reports, the Western powers are still working overtime to get propaganda out over the airwaves to show the West staunchly against Assad. Interesting.

Will oil/economics win out over the desire to weaken Syria into chaos?