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More Halloween horror


From the Edwards campaign.

Which part is your favorite?

Mine is "VP-elect Jeb Bush keeps family tradition alive," because it's so frighteningly plausible.

UPDATE Some bloggers aren't so happy. I'm not clear on how a front page like this is a direct attack on Hillary that will "eviscerate" the Democratic brand, but maybe the print version distributed in Iowa has extra material on the inside. Sheesh. lightetn up, people. I'll vote for Hillary in the general, what's the issue?

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My favorite hed is down in the lower left: "VP-Elect Jeb Bush Keeps Family Tradition Alive." What made that so exceptionally creepy was that I had just heard that exact rumor--that Rude-E and Jeb were cutting precisely that deal, from Florida residents in Atrios comment threads yesterday or the day before.

So either this really IS a rumor; the Edwards campaign ad designers have psychic powers; or the Edwards campaign ad designers read Atrios comment threads.

All but the first one is just fine with me. And for that matter even the first one isn't all that bad: the name of Bush will be like polonium to Russian reporters for the next several generations. The English will have a king named John before we have another Bush in office here.

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Just sayin'.

And I can't believe lambert won't be voting for Nader; Dude lost all his principles in that hot tub.

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