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More gruesome detail on subsidizing banks with unemployment benefit processing

Seems that this story took awhile to bubble up, like over three months. From Homeless in the high desert:

In Oregon deny the unemployed their Unemployment news, it appears that the state has arbitrarily opened a bank account, replete with VISA debit and attendant fees and sixteen pages of typefont font two restrictions, on my behalf. Didn’t ask if I wanted a bank account, just opened one up. No more checks, just direct deposit, to a bank not of my choosing. In collusion with USBank and VISA, the State of Oregon and the US Federal Government opened a bank account with sixteen pages of typefont font two fees and restrictions and a tentative three thousand dollar credit limit on my behalf.

For a hundred and thirteen dollar a week claim.

Soooo…., not only is the ruling junta raping the treasury on their way out the door, bailing out these institutions to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars, but are forcing us as well to do business with these predatory bastards, these failing entities, to participate in this failed social economic model, for pennies on every dollar I bring home.

Unemployment: there to insure the unemployed do not recover what they’ve paid into the fund, while insuring the employers do not pay their equal part as required.

Though it's nice, or not, to be called a A lister. Fleas have smaller fleas, I guess.

NOTE Yet another reason to do the hard work of connecting to the long tail. They had the story first!

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Submitted by Damon on

Isn't it just beautiful how these things work?

I'd read this this morning, and it makes you wonder if we're ever going to win? Yes, this is the definition of a predator, going after the folks that don't have a say in the matter.

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So, they are not allowed to transfer it to a smaller, more local bank so they don't have to pay the fees? That seems to be the solution to me, as we did with SS.