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Warm salt pork salad with mind and onions and little hot things.

And those onions were wicked spicy while not being "oniony."

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Submitted by jo6pac on

I'm not sure, picture, taste, what is that you're eating, and the price in dollars because I'm to lazy to figure it out myself;) I doubt I'll ever get there but I do a question are you using Thailand money or dollars?

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

...฿30 to the dollar is close enough for government work(it's actually about ฿32/dollar).
฿1 = $0.031.

Submitted by lambert on

This dish was 100 baht, or around $3.00. If I could buy it in the US, it would be a lot more expensive than double, too.

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

...canna pla kem. Canna is kale, pla kem is salted fish. Delicious. It's stir fried.

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

...a couple of days before I left for Thailand. I had green curry with chicken over rice for lunch. That was $5. For dinner the same dish was $7.50. That was 11 years ago and it wasn't a highly regarded restaurant, just good.
Today, here, that lunch would be about $1.25 (฿40).
Also, as previously mentioned; you are ordering a single dish, not over rice, which is higher price than over rice, because a single dish has more ingredient. When we go to dinner my wife and I always order at least a couple of single dishes which we split.
I highly recommend fried chicken with cashews with a side dish of rice.
In Thai; Phat (fried) gai (chicken) met ma muang (cashew).