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More ch-ch-ch-changes

1. I think the comments are now back to normal?

2. Titles on the front page should now link to posts (again).

3. I replaced the "Shout" chat box with another one, hopefully more reliable. Note the examples, like "/translate en fr Thank you!" returns Merci, or /weather, or /users.

I still have to get the date widget working in events -- it works for me! And please remind me of anything else, including past issues. Thanks!

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Submitted by WRhouse on

doing a double exposure or drop shadow effect if you zoom in and you have "zoom text only" active. If you just zoom everything on the page, with out "zoom text only" selected, then it looks just fine. (Safari and Firefox)

Side note: Opera only has a zoom everything setting and IE has a problem with the masthead when you select text size "larger"or"largest"

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Submitted by koan on

what was that great megan mullaly line:

"are you bouncing.. or am I undermedicated?"