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More and better Democrats: Like Howard Ahmanson!


Christian[ist loon] philanthropist Howard Ahmanson -- one of three major funders of the campaign for California's Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriages -- has abandoned the GOP for the Democratic Party.

[Calvinist theologian R.J. Rushdoony]'s ideas captured Ahmanson's imagination in what the philanthropist now calls "my wild youth," but he has mellowed. Ahmanson certainly doesn't believe [today] that homosexuals should be executed, as some of his critics have suggested, but he does believe that gays should "come to Christ and then recover."

He is also no longer the welfare abolitionist he used to be, "though I hate the attitude that welfare, once granted, is a moral entitlement that can never be reduced. And Social Security and Medicare [Yay!] are included in my definition of welfare."

Yes, he liked Sarah Palin all right, but he favors Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. "I'm now a blue-dog Democrat for Bobby Jindal in 2012."


The bipartisan schtick is working out great, isn't it? Well done, all.

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So we can show him what a REAL fifth column looks like.