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Mooo-oops! Meat recall East, meat recall West


So we have two major ground-beef recalls in progress. Both, they tell us, for e. coli contamination. One got a reasonably big, non-hysterical but thorough, coverage on the Saturday evening (NBC anyway) news. That's this one, which covers a great whacking lot of dead cow over a great number of states. All out West. But one of those no-name meatpackers you never heard of, whose stuff is sold mostly under store brand names.

Unmentioned, oddly enough, was another recall announced just yesterday. That's this one here. It covers less meat admittedly, but only two companies: Tyson Fresh Meats which processed the stuff, and Wal-Mart which sells it.

Wonder why NBC, when reporting the big Western recall, made no mention of the Eastern, Tyson, Walmart one?

It was announced fairly late just the day before after all; many people probably didn't hear about it. And they would seem to be kinda related, wouldn't you say? Might have taken all of, oh, ten seconds to google "ground beef recall" and found both stories.

Or it might have taken no time at all to rip an AP report off what in the olden days was called the ticker, shove it in front of the anchorman, slap up some graphics of the western US with the affected states highlighted. Elapsed time for producers, probably a minute and a half.

Information transmitted to listeners in the East? Zilch. If you pulled ground beef out of the freezer, thawed it out and made burgers on Memorial Day or a couple of weeks before or after, and got a puke-a-thon going shortly thereafter, you might want to take note.

Oh, and if you find any of the ground beef still in your freezer, check the little USDA sticker on the package. If it has the number "EST. 1241" on it....well, the news guy said to throw it out, but that doesn't seem quite fair. Why should you, the honest consumer, have to bear the cost of slipshod meat producers and supermarket profits?

Just for fun, nay indeed for justice, you might want to take it back to the store where you bought it. Suggest to the manager that he either give you your money back or you're firing up a grill in his parking lot and handing out samples to all comers.

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This is OT but it's my own damn post so I'm allowed. Lambert, I know you've been playing around with masthead issues--btw I *AM* a Democrat and damn proud of it, so if you would mind changing this present one to "...not all members of the Democractic Party and licensed hetarae" or whatever it is, that would be appreciated.

However something about the body type in the main posting column looks different. Hate to say it but it has an NYT-ish look which, whatever their journalistic shortcomings might be, is stylistically quite nice looking. Font wise that is.

Everything else (right sidebar) looks the same, as does the type here in the comments box in which I type feebly away before going to sleep. If you see me tomorrow with


imprinted, backwards, on my forehead you will know I did not quite make it to my assigned sleeping quarters for this purpose and banged the head down on the keyboard for several hours.

By which I mean, again.

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i like the new font/size. much easier to read. the rest of the page layup and graphics looks like cheap phone-it-in shit - but I've known that for a long long time. Too long to care anymore.


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I wanted to test rotating the logo before going all out with The Full Cleveland, and the easiest way was simply to change the text.

In fact, the site will shortly undergo a little construction. Let me peruse it....

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