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"Money speaks, but it speaks with a male voice"

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Submitted by Valhalla on

If you can’t profit off the poor, it means that no companies will service the poor -- and then they will be worse off than earlier.

(well, actually, no, they won't be worse off, they will be the same off; now they're worse off. Kinda like with hcr)

So there it is, globally, in a nutshell: if you can't profit off the poor...

Reading the article I was wondering what they heck they can go after people with, the whole point of microlending is the people have nothing to begin with (no houses to fraudulently foreclose on), until I came to this:

When she fell behind on payments, she says loan officers threatened to humiliate her in front of neighbors and pressed her to sell her small grandchildren into prostitution.

Ah, there it is -- when the Big Money people steal and lie and fraudulate, it's "just business" but when anyone else "fails" their contracts, it's a moral failing beyond countenance. Not just economic exploitation, but an exploitation of ideas of honor and integrity among the people who have them.

Submitted by lambert on

... between usury and female and child prostitution. Not to claim "all," but certainly some.

As I keep saying, "Finance is a feminist issue." Here's an example that makes that clear as crystal.

Submitted by hipparchia on

People describing their definitions of feminism eventually start to sound like Paul writing to the Corinthians:

Feminism is patient and kind. Feminism is not jealous or boastful, it is not extremist or angry (unless anger is called for). Feminism does not insist that all women live in one way; it is not intolerant or resentful; it does not rejoice at inequality, but rejoices in equality. Feminism bears all arguments, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, is all things.

Balderdash. Feminism is not the all-consuming Devourer of Ideologies, there’s no need to frame it as something which determines one’s every thought and attitude. There are just two pieces of dogma in my feminist tent:

1.Society deals with gender in a way that, on balance, harms women.
2.This is a problem that must be corrected.

You’ll notice that they have nothing to do with: men, race, class, liberty, religion, teleology, biology, consumerism, violence, sex, or shoes. Or finance.

yes, i added the 'or finance', but the list of 'feminist issues' is endless [and smacks of you reinforce your Privilege® by suggesting that it is Privileged People's® job to set the agenda for the Marginalised Group™ too]. type "is a feminist issue" into google to see just how endless...

Submitted by lambert on

STFU. No, I don't plan to.

UPDATE Take your point 1 and apply it:

Society deals with gender in a way that, on balance, harms women.

Here, the relevant component of society is the usurers (supported by an ideology that normalizes usury). If you assume that forcing women into prostitution to pay their debts, harms them, on balance, then the example I give is exactly on point, by your definition. And usury is surely one component (some would argue the main component) of what we regard as finance. Again on point.

Submitted by hipparchia on

wah! hipparchia won't let me conflate two separate issues!

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Submitted by jjmtacoma on

To take something that actually helped the poor and turn it into this preditory crap. Yes, I agree, valhalla, about the vampire squid and I just can't figure out how people who would do this can live with themselves. Really.