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Monday Morning Rhetoric

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We have kewl kommentorz here, and someone directed me to this list of the "top 100" moments in American political rhetoric. Nifty! And look how many of those great speakers have been Dems! Again, nifty. Just thought it makes a nice resource for people thinking "where have I heard that before?" more often these days.

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are linked to this version of the list.

I'm pissed because Spiro's on it and I'm not.

But American Rhetoric has a bunch of good resources, even though they seem to lean to the right: Rhet of 9/11, selections from Plato, Aristotle, and Kenneth Burke, and all told over 5000 speeches on audio, video, or in text.

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was good to see, a very powerful speech on human rights and given right in the face of real tyranny. She does not get enough recognition for her strength on the issue.

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"I think even a six-year-old understands that you don't change the rules of the game halfway through."" --

(about MI and FL, from the man who wants the supers to be impotent and limited to simply following state results, and who promised to do public financing if the GOP nom did it, but now won't do it.)