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Mollie's Corner: Cleveland Clinic “Layoffs” Due to ObamaCare

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Cleveland Clinic to Reduce Budget by $330 Million Due to ObamaCare, Layoffs Inevitable

[Posted by Rachel Pulaski on Wednesday, September 18, 2013, 1:41 PM]

Here is more serious evidence for you, Mr. President that Obamacare is hurting the economy.

The Cleveland Clinic is cutting their 2014 budget by $330 million and these budget cuts include job losses. The clinic has roughly 42,000 workers The layoffs are expected to be across the board, some workers including doctors will be losing their jobs or forced into early retirement.

The company said they have not made any “overall layoffs” in the past 11 years, and the majority of the 2014 budget cuts are due to the upcoming implementation of ObamaCare.

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To the extent that there would be more "health care jobs", they would be administrative. "health" "care" my sweet aunt fanny.

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If Not Defund, Rep. Fleming Says Delay Obamacare

But lately, the news on Obamacare is bad.

CNN reported recently that individual health premiums will soar in some states -- like 41 percent in Ohio and 35 percent in Florida.

NBC News says businesses claim that Obamacare has forced them to cut employee hours by making workers go part-time.

That lead three top unions to tell Congress that Obamacare will "destroy the very health and wellbeing" of workers, shattering hard-earned health benefits, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Reuters has even run with the "Defund the ACA, In Exchange for Deb Ceiling" Story. Looks like the PtB will pull off another Kabuki, and "the masses" won't have a clue. (I hope not, but the entire corporate media--that I hear--seems to be on board.)

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that the Administration has given to lawmakers (from participating in the Health Exchanges).

While Vitter is certainly not "my kind of politician" (an understatement)--I am glad to hear this.

Lawmakers of both parties should be held accountable for voting for an "escape hatch" for themselves, from the travesty known as the ACA.

Going to be some interesting ads run in 2014!

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you know things are bad, LOL!

Here's an excerpt from Fox News Sunday:

WALLACE: When you look at all the problems here, doesn't it concern you when you see companies fire -- the Cleveland Clinic, one of the symbols of health care in this country, is going to fire employees because of the costs of this.

Big companies like IBM and Walgreen is going to put people on the private exchanges where they are not -- contrary to what the president said -- going to be able to keep their health care, this is a mess.

KUCINICH: Well, it is.

He does, to his credit, try to partly "redeem" the ACA by adding:

"But at the same time, those who are attacking it, are not showing with their alternative. As you have -- you still have 50 million people without health care, if we continue under path that we run. So what I advocate is a not for profit system and frankly as long as we have a for profit system we're looking at this kind of gamesmanship, which is threatening the government of the United States itself."

All three Dems (Pelosi, Kucinich and McCaskill) that I heard on today's (Sept 22) Sunday talk shows, took a (well-deserved) flogging.

Once this mess actually "kicks off," I'm wondering if any Dems will have the temerity to show their face on national TV.

[I would imagine that the next several months will be pretty difficult for Democrats, as more and more employers opt out of extending employer-sponsored health insurance. Most of this will probably come within the next 4-5 weeks, I would think. But conceivably could go through the first half, or so, of November.

Not to mention, some of the lowest income Americans will become aware that they've been scr**ed, too--especially childless adults who will not be covered by Medicaid.]