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Honestly, I can't remember having read a worse column, and from MoDo, that's saying something. Every sentence is at best wrong, and at worst an outright lie. Here's a mild example:

We dutifully cut back on Starbucks macchiatos, designer water and even Girl Scout cookies, but we keep hurtling down.

Whaddaya mean, "we"?

Oh, and she spends the first six (6) paragraphs bashing who? You guessed it:

The Clintons. And she calls Obama an egghead. Honestly, it's like dealing with a six-year-old that's so tired and fractious they don't know what they want.

Take the package, MoDo! Take the package!

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Yo, Bill Clinton, the "man from hope," and his homeboy Alan Greenspan spent almost a decade telling America that they must buy a house or else they were communiss.

I remember Greenspan telling people to run, not walk, to the nearest mortgage lender offering ARM's, and that was during the Bush years.

Submitted by lambert on

... with the Moustache of Understanding, but though he was equally bad, he wasn't bad in the same way.

Our rulerz must be really demoralized....

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Dada dada dada dada
Dada dada dada dada
Dada dada dada dada
Dada dada dada dada
Dada dada dada dada Dada dada dada dada

Sorry...I promise never to do that again.

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It just feeds their attention-deficit. Oh -- and if you're paying for the privilege, it enriches their M$M masters. So that's what the basketball-pundits call a multi-point swing. Not only doesn't the buck-and-a-quarter you spend on that daily paper go for anything you can use (you don't have a birdcage or wrap fish / fish & chips, right?), but it goes into a fund where it can be used against progressive voices, causes, politicians -- and where it directly benefits conservatives.

Quit helping 'em.

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Submitted by Damon on

That link was hilarious. My favorite parts:

It's Like the Time Bette Davis Did Something that Was Like Something Else that's Totally Happening Now


She is pissed that Eric Holder called her a racist because she is so like totally not a racist.


I am not, as a general rule, the sort who runs about with his hands in the air lamenting some imaginary decline in the quality of The Media, but I do occasionally wonder how this woman, who should be the most popular book club hostess in Topeka, managed to scam herself an op-ed gig at America's most venerable press institution.


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I don't link to winger sites, and I don't READ winger sites either (that's Tbogg's job) without a damn good reason. It therefore is understandable that when I said here a couple of months ago (in a comment I can't find) that their should be a Dowd Random Column Generator, I can truthfully say I had no idea that one of the thousand monkees (uh, oh, I said "monkees"!) pounding on keyboards already proposed and described this machine as the Dowd-O-Matic (Ace of Spades way back in 2004). You can take issue with what he plugs into the random generator, but he pretty accurately describes the phenomenon.

I don't give much credit for this, after all, describing Dowd's writing is rather simple (heh) and you don't have to be a genius (which Ace of Spades PROVES) to point out it is repetitive, derivitive, "dowdy"* and lazy. So if even AS gets it, why don't the brilliant minds that own the NY Times? Do you think the Pulitzer committee wonders if they can get their prize back?

*Def. 2a.