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Modern slavery

Qatar, site of the next world cup, home of Al Jazeera, and Brookings Doha.

Modern slavery won't -- or doesn't -- have a master in the big house or an overseer with a whip. Modern slavery does its work, at one remove, with bureaucratic institutions responding to the wishes of higher-ups insulated from any reprisal.

The intimacy of Confederate slavery was horrid; one has only to read Jefferson. The coldness of modern slavery is worse. Old-style, intimate slavery was a terrible thing, a sin. It did not "augment the complexity and intensity of the field of intelligent life." This country still suffers its effects.

As we watch modern slavery take root in places like Qatar -- or Thailand -- and see how the global supply chain is stained by it, we should consider whether slavery is something our own elites have in mind for us.

After all, the 0.01% care predominantly for one thing besides their wealth and, sometimes, their dynasties: Cheap servants. Nothing cheaper than a slave. And there's no pleasure to be had in dominating a robot.

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...if I were I'd be boycotting football (soccer) until Qatar lost the hosting of the coming championship. But then football is rife with corruption so one hand washes the other.
The U.S.'s hands are not clean either. Admittedly better than Qatar or Thailand. Thailand is actually doing something to stop the practice. The NCPO and the coming together of ASEAN next year, will/has affected a number of things in-country for the better.
Our future won't be slavery, but rather, neo-serfdom; one step up from slavery. We're getting a preview of it now. It's an incremental thing and before you know it, you'll wake up one morning a serf in the Emperor's America. But don't fret, they'll allow you a plot for growing things; of course they'll get a cut, but not too much...