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Misogynist Hillary-Haters for Rational Discourse

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Wow. This is just uneffing believable.

I don't really even know what to say. As one of the commenters so aptly put it:

It's good to know that not all Republicans are crooks. Some are just assholes.


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they're so fucking stupid they don't think this is going to backfire, big time, even after seeing what Tweety's bullshit did for Hillary in NH. If she ends up as the nominee, by all means bring it on.

Jesus, you can almost see 'em: "Everybody's gonna want one of these t-shirts! They're so funny!"

These people ought to be given the Ludovico technique, showing lotsa dollar bills and pale chubby Boy Scouts circle-jerking around a campfire Dad helped 'em build .... it's the only thing that's gonna cure them.

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You'll note WaPo article from Aug. does a good job comparing HRC campaign tactics to ol' turdblossum.

Clinton's campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle, seems to agree with that assessment, having effectively vowed to run her operation much as Rove did his two successful national campaigns. "She expresses admiration for the way George W. Bush's campaign team controlled its message, and, given her druthers, would run this race no differently,"

There is even a quote attributed to Pres. Clinton reach-around to Rove.

Looking back on her campaign, I'd have to say she is right on the path to GOP-vileness.

So, call this another attack on Hillary, but you guys are crazy if you think the Clintons back in office with new & improved executive super-powers isn't a bad idea.

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There can be no justification for bigotry, any slur. Misogyny is the only bigotry routinely confused with bad manners ("disrespect") or sexual explicitness ("vulgar"), and its slurs with generic foul language.* Its global popularity does not make it any less true.

*The only counter argument depends on the assumption that women and girls are not human beings, which justifies denying their entitlement to full human rights and civil liberties. The whole point of dehumanization and demonization--bigotry--is to do just that.

P.S. What does your article have to do with the GOP bigot tees anyways? Clinton is not running against a Republican--yet. And even if the tees were condemnations of supposed "Rovian" tactics by the Clinton camp--against Dems, mind you--do you not realize the outrageous hypocrisy on their part?