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Minor site improvements

1. Smileys are back. I must have brushed against one of the toggle switches rushing for the hamster cages...

2. The Read More link now works somewhat differently. Click it:

And you will see that the full post page scrolls to where one should, indeed, "read more" (and not to the top of the page). There is a small "[more]" to show this.

Caveat: For now, this only works when the page break is manually added, using the A/B button in the formatting icon bar about the post "Body:" box when editing or creating a post. It does not work when the page break is automagically added. If this behavior is too confusing for people, I can either (a) remove this behavior or (b) hack the automagic break, depending on how valuable people think this improvement is.

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Submitted by Randall Kohn on

Graphics are gone. The input box stretches all the way across the screen. Background photos are gone.

I logged out, deleted cookies and temp files, and logged back in - twice. It didn't help.

Submitted by lambert on

I use OS X, I'm afraid, so while I do test for IE, I don't use it day in and day out.

Did this change recently? When I had the smileys before, all was well?

Submitted by jawbone on

spread over entire width of the screen, the material in columns comes after the page numbering (center col. first, then rightmost col. after that), etc. Whole lotta scrolling going on to get to anything in the columns. The smileys didn't change anything -- except I think it was about the time they were added (and you were doing quite a few changes) that loading takes a really long time. Much longer than other sites, way longer than prior to those changes. I thought the slowdown might be from loading all the gravatars, but that doesn't make sense as they don't slow me down on other Drupal sites.

The slow loading is getting in initially to Corrente, then going back to the front page, as far as I recall.

I still can't use highlighting for HTML tags inside the comment box. I have to enter tags manually, can't use the handy shortcuts on top of the box -- and I did so love them! I can use highlighting and use delete for the highlighted words in the subject line, but not in the comment box. That's been going on for a long time here (I have no problems with other sites). It doesn't matter whether I'm in Filtered HTML or Full HTML in terms of using highlighting.

I've done the cache cleaning, etc, etc, to no avail.

I'm trying to recall when the HTML problem began, but I'm not sure when it was. Since I got the new PC with Win7? Just cannot remember. Quite awhile ago, and I did comment on it a bit after it started.

Btw, does Corrente really have 2,129 guests online? "There are currently 7 users and 2129 guests online" is what it says if I scroll way, waaaaay down.

Of the problems listed formatting is by far the most annoying and user impacting. Altho' I do miss highlighting and HTML stuff.... Oh, some places the highlighting does work, as I was able to copy and paste the line about users and guests.

BTW, does Drupal provide spell check -- or allow it to be done in some way in comments boxes? With my tendency to typos (and even real spelling errors occasionally), it would be great....

Submitted by lambert on

... in mail, and also the browser version and OS version you're using? Thanks.

Let me turn off the Read More module. That was the other change I made. Let me know.

Submitted by jawbone on

I used the one-and method to count time to load, and earlier it was 23 seconds to load Corrente. Took 10 seconds to log in.

Apologize for not giving browser, etc, -- but I'd commented earlier today with that info and now don't see the comment. I must have forgot to hit save or something.

Submitted by lambert on

... since I turned off Readmore? (And if you also run FireFox, does the same thing happen there?) And did you clear your cache and restart the browser....

The performance thing will go away when I upgrade the server, which should be happening very soon. Should have happened this weekend, but I might have to postpone.

Submitted by jawbone on

HTML tags there (I'm pretty sure I couldn't previously). Did cache cleaning, PC shut down, but IE still has wacky formatting and rest of the problems.

Which HTML mode should be used? Filtered seems to be the default, and if I change it, it goes back to filtered next time I check.

I'm googling to find out how to do a screen shot and email it. Yup, have no idea how. Couple of places required programs I don't have to do so, so will keep looking.

Oh, Corrente loaded faster this time on IE. Lickety split on Firefox.

Submitted by lambert on

... if you can be more detailed, that would be great. I literally can't translate "use highlighting." I need to know what happens.

Yes, Filtered is the default. Most people don't need more.

Submitted by jawbone on

across words, those words are highlighted in blue (on my PC at least), then I can release the right mouse button, move the cursor off the highlighted words and they remain highlighted, right click again in an open area of the screen and a box appears with choices of Copy, etc, and then I can right click on Copy -- and words are copied, ready for Paste. Or I move the cursor to the HTML icon shortcut buttons above the comment box and left click on the button to do what is available (bold, italics, link, etc.). Or I can hit Delete on my keyboard and the highlighted words are deleted.

I can't do this in IE8 within the comment box or within the blog creation box.

So, deleting requires holding the Delete key down for the duration of the material to be deleted, HTML tags require manual entry of each tag.

What happens is that when I use right click to drag the cursor over words the words are highlighted, but as soon as I release the right button the highlighting disappears.

Is there a technical term for what happens when I do what I call highlighting?

Hope this makes my situation clear -- it's not easy discussing things without shared terminology, fer sure.

Submitted by gob on

change is great. The old behavior has been a peeve of mine for a while.


Submitted by Hugh on

I use IE too and am experiencing similar problems. This began about the time of your tinkering. The site does not load completely. All the pieces are there but they don't come together in the formatting. So margins that go across the screen but no background color. The stuff that would be in the right columns shows up at the bottom of the page, etc.