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Military Airlift Command Joins Firefighting Effort

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California's still on fire, but the Air Force is now helping out. Check out the map:

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The 153 Airlift Wing, Cheyenne WY, the 145th Airlift Wing, Charlotte NC, and the 302 Airlift Wing, Colorado Springs CO, are providing two MAFFS C-130 aircraft each and support personnel to Southern California. The aircraft and personnel are based at Channel Islands Air National Guard Base. The MAFFS are under the command of Colonel Steve Rader of the 153rd Airlift Wing.

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Submitted by hobson on

I'm wondering if terrorists could have done worse than this or New Orleans.

While this is a big story, imagine what the coverage would be if these fires had been deliberately started by Arabs.

Or if terrorists had blown up the steam pipe in NY or flooded its subways.

Or if that Minn bridge had come down because of terrorists.

Or if the blackout in the East, remember that?, had happened on purpose.