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Mildew attacks the zucchini!

No photos; too disgusting. And it was incredibly sudden, too. One day, green leaves; the next day, leaves with this yucky grey substance on them.

Actually, I thought it was something far worse than mildew; some fungus I'd have to fumigate, and then put something into the earth when I turn it over, like sulfur or something petroleum-based.

And the other day I saw the first red maple leaf; it had fallen into a squash leaf, so I developed the theory that the evil Norway maple had devised yet another way to damage vegetation around it, by transmitting infectious agents through fallen leaves...

But no, it's mildew: The summer here has been wet, as in rain-every-day-for-thirty-days wet, and everybody has mildew, not just me. Also, this is almost the end of the season, so the plants, even the zuchinni, have less resistance.

The measures I plan to take:

1. Horse manure when I turn over the soil. The healthy plant is more likely to be able to resist mildew.

2. Grow from seed only; plants in flats from stores are too close-packed to be totally healthy. (The winter squash, grown from seed, were far less affected.)

3. Put hoses into the garden, and don't spray on top of the leaves.

Thoughts from people who know what they're doing?

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