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"Mike" Bloomberg Re-Defines "Intolerance" (by "liberals")

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Delivering a commencement speech at Harvard College, "Mike" Bloomberg screeches that college campuses have become "citadels of McCarthyism" and "intolerance." Because "liberal" Brown college students were not pleased that Ex NYPD Commissioner Kelly (the Chief of Bloomberg's former "private army" and director of the militarization of the NYPD into a Stasi on Steroids outfit) was invited to speak there. Wow.

Alrighty then.

I suppose when you are a shape-shifting (Republican-Democrat-Independent) Global Squillionaire turning the meaning of a word like "intolerance" or "McCarthyism" on its head is par for the course. Opposition to the police state is now "intolerance."

That popish red robe suits Mike to a tee - though he is no Pope Francis. Say, Mike, shouldn't ya be in London hanging out in Bloomberg Square or golfing in Bermuda?