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Michael Moore: "Continual and Historic Failure of the Democratic Party"

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He owns the current problems as much as any progressive.

I don't mind the support of Obama. He did dupe a lot of people. What I mind is the complete lack of accountability these jack asses called for. Moore fits nicely into the Permanent Fundraiser model. He gets no credit for me. He had a chance to hold Obama's foot to the fire and chose to, well, not. What people do when it matters is more important than doing/saying something when it doesn't matter.

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Because, ultimately, "it's all Sarah Palin's/teh evil wimmenz fault...Look! Nikki Haley just walked into Denny's!" When 2012 rolls around, he'll defend his bromantic interest (or maybe the "anti-war"/"uniquely American public option" Dean as a pwogwessive "challenger" for the FKDP coronation). And, at least judging by the title of the book/TP, Moore likes pwogwessive tribalism as much as his comrades (it's teh stupid white guyz, not the extractive economics, silly!).