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Mic check for AdBusters

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I'm not active in the Occupy movement, so I don't fully understand the complaints being made by those in Chicago. My take on it is that they are being overly sensitive - how can Adbusters issue orders to leaderless organizations? Do they want to? If so, then there are grounds for complaints. But I see the Adbusters call to occupy Chicago as an effort to spread the word. I could be wrong. My .02, though.

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negotiations with the Chicago police and have their own demonstration planned. Adbusters COULD have linked to Occupy Chicago and asked their readers to support the planned demonstration, but instead they just issued their ukase like no one else existed. Now Occupy Chicago will have to cope with a rush of people coming into town not committed to supporting the local effort.

It was a very destructive act on Adbusters part and very anti-Solidarity.

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Ego driven, maybe....

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Glen is concerned about the co-option of Occupies. He thinks the Occupy the Dream people might have co-opted Occupy Chicago and Occupy Harlem at least on MLKjr's holiday.

In Chicago, Occupy the Dream and Occupy Chicago staged a well-attended King Day rally featuring top city Democrats on the dais, including Cook County Board president Toni Preckwinkle and congresspersons Jan Schakowsky and Jesse Jackson, Jr. Under such circumstances, there could be no real discussion of how the 1% have bought the political process – certainly not one that indicts the Democrats.