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MH17 from the Ukraine villagers' perspective

Read it all, a very good piece. Makes most of the work by the reporters who parachuted in look childish. For example, if I'd been picking up, or even guarding, body parts for two days, I would probably welcome a good stiff drink too.

UPDATE Oops, pasted the headline instead of the URL. Here's the headline in case the link doesn't work; Google it, and that link should work:

After Flight 17 Crash, Agony, Debris and Heartbreak in Ukraine Villages

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the hired help around here, please fix the link or the hamster going to get hit;)

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Jeesus. None of the other reporting even gives a hint how bad it is on the ground.

And that bit about the international orgs talking to the guns and not the mayors ... sounds about right.

How utterly awful. all of it.

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... and nobody to this day knows how did the shooting, but the Western media gets all huffy about how the locals handle it because Putin, and as it turns out the locals did absolutely the best they could in horrifying and heart-breaking circumstances.