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Mexico: Pravda on the Potomac disgraces itself

So, who does Pravda on the Potomac hire to write an Op-Ed full of sage advice to Calderon and Obrador? Who is their Go-To Guy? Drumroll, please:

Benjamin L. Ginsberg, a partner at Patton Boggs, [who] served as national counsel to the Bush-Cheney campaigns in [Florida] 2000 and [Ohio] 2004.

Somehow, I have the feeling WaPo is sending a very strong signal about the direction their coverage of the Mexican election is going to take.

Ginsberg concludes, after mentioning "wily political operatives" twice:

Don't overreact, just debunk the allegations as best you can. Trust me, especially if you win, the bleating will continue long after the country has moved on. Don't worry about it.

Fuck you too,

NOTE Funny how, in his catalog of helpful advice, lawyer Ginsberg fails to mention the Florida felons list, ChoicePoint, the bourgeois riot, Diebold, or the hours spent waiting in line by Democratic (but not Republican) voters in Ohio.

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