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Meta New Year's list

So, should we make one of those stupid lists for New Year's?

Readers, let's type a list of the types of lists we should list!

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Submitted by Ruth on

Get rid of the atrocities; see my short list in post above, leaving behind 2007.


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Submitted by FeralLiberal on

Politicians whom we'll see the last of in '08. Other than in RW thinktanks, corporate boardrooms or lobbying that is...

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Submitted by intranets on

If there are so many examples of "bad eggs" maybe we shouldn't be giving them instruments of torture!? Sure, we can take every example of torture by cop and write it off to bad officers, but it's starting to have a Abu Ghraib "bad egg" feel to it. Try looking up what is on YouTube. Imagine how many videos never make it on to the internets.

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The esteemed Southern Beale, a regular at the House of Gray, has a nice post of suggestion for New Years: the burn list.

Write down whatever you want done away with, in your life or the world, on a sheet of paper. At midnight take it outside or to some safe place and burn that sucker up.

Writing it in very teensy print on very thin paper (gummed on one end) and wrapping an offering of a herbal nature inside would seem to be entirely allowable, for those fortunate enough to (sigh) be in possession of appropriate herbal items.