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Merry Christmas, Bank of Satan!

(Hilariously, still redirects to... Well, you can guess where. From the Pittsburgh Tribune:

Heading into the new year, a big question looms for Bank of America Corp.: What's next in the WikiLeaks saga?

Julian Assange, the anti-secrecy organization's founder, has said he is preparing a "megaleak" about a large bank, leading to speculation the Charlotte bank is the target. On Monday, he told the Times of London that he had enough information to make the bosses of a major bank resign.

CEOs in orange jumpsuits doing the perp walk! What a tonic that would be!

Bert Ely, a Virginia-based banking consultant, said he suspects all major financial institutions are girding for the group's next move.

"We don't know it's Bank of America," he said. "It could be one of a number of banks."

Indeed, indeed.

In recent months, WikiLeaks has gained notoriety for exposing Pentagon and State Department secrets and for Assange's fight against sexual assault charges in Sweden. In November, he told Forbes magazine that his group planned a bank leak in early 2011. That drew attention to a 2009 article in which Assange said WikiLeaks had obtained a Bank of America executive's hard drive. ....

Well, well.

Let justice roll on like rivers, and righteousness like a mighty stream (Amos 5:24).

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