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Merry Christmas

The music still stays with me, though the rest is gone; my mother playing the piano and singing the descant to It Came Upon a Midnight Clear as we gathered round the piano.

And the opening to the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols (NPR, this morning) still makes the hair on the back my neck rise; it's so beautiful I almost wish I could believe in it.

The music--that which is not Muzak--remains.

But the rest is gone...



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Submitted by vastleft on

One of the cool things about being an atheist is that there's no orthodoxy that says things like whether we are or aren't supposed to enjoy Christmas or whatever you like to call this solstice fest.

I certainly do, and I wish peace, love, and happiness to one and all today, tomorrow, and all 366 days of 2008!

The week in-between and beyond that, that's up to you. :v)

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Submitted by hobson on

Bah humbug still works for me.

I work in one of those businesses that makes or breaks its nut in the three weeks of holiday buying.

This year wasn't as bad as in the past for some reason, maybe because I didn't have to work seven day weeks this year. One thing I'm thankful for is that we don't have to listen to all that old, tired Xmas music all day at work.

I would go crazy if I worked in one of those drugstores, super markets or dept stores where you have to listen all day to things like, It's a Holly Jolly Christmas, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year etc. All those dead people whose awful, sentimental songs just keep coming back at you year after year.

I did like a report yesterday on NPR on how "consumer Christmas" is penetrating places like Japan and India and Turkey.

Having to make your living off Christmas gives you a different perspective. It's just a paid day off to me.

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Submitted by vastleft on

... we were so busy the Saturday before Christmas that we didn't have time to change the record that was on repeat play.

It was John Denver's Christmas Album. You can imagine how busy we must have been to have endured that for four or five hours straight!

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Submitted by dr sardonicus on

Peace on earth and good will towards all should work for you regardless of whatever spiritual beliefs you may or may not hold. Our culture has chosen one day out of the year to pay lip service to a set of ideals. Let's work toward those goals every day of the year.

...for the rest of us