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A mere $14 billion?

... for the auto companies? Why are we even quibbling over such trivial sums?

Thats... 14/50... A mere 28% of a Maddoff Unit!

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Submitted by Damon on

I hate that Bush couldn't have done this in a one lump sum, because it now looks like they are back begging when they made it clear that they'd be back because of how small the White House had whittled down the original loans. Now, the workers have to listen, again, to how inefficient and lazy they are from welfare queen Southern Senators. **ugh** I'm mad at them for even having come to the point of them having to subject themselves (the workers) to this abuse. This is really so painful, because it hits a bit too close to home, for me.

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Corporate America has pushed a national agenda for years intended to produce a cheaper, more subservient worker. The policies that devolved from that effort have a lot to do with the origins of the mess we are in, and the impending bankruptcy of Chrysler and GM. So, what we have now is those two corporate giants coming before our government, a government run by Democrats - supposedly us middle class, worker folk, and asking/demanding money to get them through the crisis of their own making not only without changing their anti-worker policies, but using the crisis to make their workers worse off. And here's the amazing part, the Democrats aren't telling the corporate managers that we know that isn't rain that has been falling on our heads all these years, if we are going to work together you have to get onboard with policies like single payer health care that make workers more secure, and incidentally would solve most of your legacy cost problems.