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Menu Foods Knew They Were Killing Your Dog

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Corporatism kills Fido, and they don't care:

(CBS/AP) As many as one in six animals died in tests of suspect dog and cat food by the manufacturer last month after complaints the products were poisoning pets around the country, the government said Monday.

"That's a huge number, considering when you feed pet food no animal should die," says CBS News The Early Show veterinarian Dr. Debbye Turner.

A federal investigation is focusing on wheat gluten as the likely source of contamination that sparked a recall last Friday of 60 million cans and pouches of the suspect food, said Stephen F. Sundlof, the Food and Drug Administration's top veterinarian.

"I'm certain someone's going to figure this out because there are a lot of pet foods involved, a lot of pets involved and a lot of veterinarians who are upset," Dr. Ann Hohenhaus of New York's Animal Medical Center told CBS News.

This is what happens when corporations have no fear of prosecution, safe in the knowledge that their good buddies in the Administration won't appoint or retain good investigators and prosecutors.

Again, let me stress that what's going on at the Justice Department is happening in every division of the government that Bush oversees. Which, for all practical purposes, is all of them. "Politicization" is literally killing you.

TexasKaos speaks for me:

A responsible company would have immediately halted distribution and issued a recall. A responsible company would publicly name it's wheat gluten supplier so that other companies could ensure their products are not tainted.

There is absolutely no justification for waiting for the public to begin complaining before recalling those deadly products. None whatsoever. And refusing to name the supplier of the bad wheat gluten is the height of corporate hubris and irresponsibility.

But it's business as usual when you're a Bush crony.

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But let's look on the bright side! The guy with thing for deer... No, let's not go there. Sorry.

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

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Nothing sacred but that almighty buck and sorry about the luck of anyone caught in the crossfire - that pretty much sums up modern day America for me these days.

I myself am UBER outraged over this disaster and wonder what will it take before people finally begin to get a clue to the fact that we are being royally screwed. I found this site: - in the process of trying to research pet foods that won't kill my cats. I'm sickened to learn that I've been supporting this kind of cruelty for ten years! They've seen the last dime they'll ever get from me that's for sure, and I'm making it my business to tell everyone I can, Iams supports and practices animal cruelty.

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was there truly no other way for them to determine it was poisonous except by feeding it to live animal subjects? the animals must have died pretty horribly too, kidney failure can't be an easy death.

Considering how I feel about this current regime, I'm surprised I didn't think of possible connections between it and the pet food recall and how long it's taking for ANYONE to come forth with any solid information...hmmmm.....

As for IAMS, Peta has been trying to uncover the truth about them for ages.

And yes, kidney failure IS a painful way to go. My heart aches for all the pets and owners who have suffered, and will continue to suffer.

There's only ONE way that the idea of "corporate social responsibility" will be adopted by the CorpoRats: threats.

If there were a way to totally and irrevocably lock and shutter ANY and EVERY 'bidness' caught ignoring the public good for profit, and thereby to forfeit to the injured every single fucking dollar invested in the operation, then and only then might you find a viable set of 'CorpoRat Ethics".