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Memorial Day

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It’s Memorial Day. Veterans of wars are heard on the radio, many of them are veterans of the Iraq war. We are supposed to honor the soldiers, their families scarifies and honor the dead. But then you remember that most soldiers don’t go to college and come home to blue collar jobs.

The new Democratic Party does need these soldiers. It says to them get lost. We are now the party of the fortunate that don’t need to go to war.

Dear soldiers, just line up to be thrown under the bus with many other the new Democratic Party does need anymore.

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I am a Democrat, too. I see no evidence that what you are saying is true of the Democratic Party, and to be completely frank, what it reminds me most of is the decades-long attempts by the Republican Party to accuse the Democratic Party and all who consider themselves a part of that party of exactly what you are swaying in this post. And I could say the same thing if we were talking about the broader movements that have made up liberalism and progressivism

There is a real problem going on when clever tropes don't arise out of diligent analysis, and instead, to ready-at-hand unexamined tropes start producing less than diligent analysis.

I even think it is an unfair swipe at Obama, who has made a pointed issue, this week, out of McCain's refusal to back the Webb GI Bill for the 21st Century bill, and he's shown that he is quite capable of putting unity with Republicans aside when it comes to at least some battles.

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I should have mentioned that I spent years during the late sixties and into the seventies, counseling veterans returning from VietNam on how to take advantage of government programs, as well as counseling not yet potential draftees what their options were. This was a donated service for which I received no compensation other than the satisfaction of doing what I conceived of as important anti-war work that also reached out to the men, and there were some women, although they were all volunteers, not draftees, whose lives were being put at stake by unthinking militarism, which was alive and well in both of our major political parties. I did that while proudly calling myself both a liberal and a Democrat, although during that time the former identity often put me at odds with that latter one. Such is life in a democratic republic.

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I don't think there's much meat on the bones of this post, either, but all the crowing we've seen about the waxing Creative Class and the waning Bubbas is an invitation to this sort of perception.

My own frustration about Obama and liberalism and Memorial Day is how he repeats myths about peaceniks "spitting on vets," furthering an unexamined trope that truly does make vets feel unappreciated, or worse, by ordinary Democrats. I don't have a link handy, but (sans the word "spitting") he made a similar point quite recently.

This notion that he's the "one good Democrat" cannot possibly be good for the party and cannot possibly create a sustainable belief that the Democratic Party is a big tent that welcomes and honors our troops.

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Between Obama's playing with that stab in the back trope, although he didn't say those words, but when do the folks who love to propagate that trope ever actually say those words, and what upset me about Koshembos's post.

My apologies if I seemed too ready to jump; also please note I hadn't yet become aware of the heated discussion stimulated by CD's post, so let me make it clear that even when I am disagreeing angrily with a post, it is not meant as a rejection of the person who has posted it. There isn't a single one of our new readers and commentators that I don't welcome here, even though I understand CD's nostalgia for some notion of the old Corrente. Corrente is changing because Corrente is alive and change is the other unalterable reality besides death.

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Just sayin.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] ?????. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.