If you have "no place to go," come here!

Memo to Ferguson St. Louis PD: Just because a civilian says "Shoot me now!" doesn't mean you've gotta do what he asks and whack him

Even if he's "erratic." Even if he's got a knife.

Two St. Louis city police officers shot and killed a man who came within several feet [how many?] of them brandishing a knife on Tuesday in a confrontation several miles from the turbulent suburb of Ferguson, authorities said.

The man, 23, had taken energy drinks [ZOMG!!!] and a package of pastries [at least not Skittles] from a nearby convenience store, Police Chief Sam Dotson told reporters. He said that the man was “acting erratically, walking back and forth, up and down the street.”

Yes, going to convenience store is practically a death sentence these days!

The chief said that the officers repeatedly ordered the man to drop the knife. The chief said the man answered: “Shoot me now. Kill me now.”

“One of the witnesses described it as a suicide by cop,” Dotson said.

Jeebus. You don't have to shoot the guy. You just don't. So disgusting.