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Melkor and Hitlery Play Ball

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Greg talks about why Hill and Rupert aren't quite kissing buddies. I find this dance of powers interesting, even as I am one who names him Morgoth:

Ever since Rupert Murdoch agreed to throw a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, pundits have been spinning the theory that Rupe has been secretly plotting to throw the support of his media empire behind Hillary for President in 2008, just as he did with his surprise endorsement of Tony Blair for prime minister of England. But now Murdoch has doused that theory with some very cold water:

Rupert Murdoch, the conservative media mogul, said it was unlikely that he would support Hillary Clinton if she were to run for president – just days after hosting a New York fundraiser for her Senate re-election campaign.
Appearing on the Charlie Rose Show, the US public television interview programme, Mr Murdoch said on Thursday that if the 2008 presidential contest came down to a choice between Mrs Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, and John McCain, the Republican frontrunner, he would "probably support McCain. If it was happening today, I think so."

Yet it does seem as if there's been some sort of rapproachement between the two. Murdoch's New York Post has lately been treating Hillary with uncharacteristic fairness, and Hillary excepted Murdoch's invitation to a fundraiser, even though among Hillary supporters Murdoch is the political equivalent of the Dark Lord of Mordor. How to explain it?

Simple. Murdoch's got tons of business holdings in New York, so of course he wants to stay on the good side of a New York Senator who's reelection is all but certain. Meanwhile, any grief Hillary catches on her left is probably offset by the fact that it can't hurt among moderate Republicans if they see her being regarded as a formidable figure by a media mogul who's a visibly successful businessman and whose kinship with Republicans is well known. My bet is it's that simple. On the other hand, Murdoch didn't completely rule out supporting Hillary, so who knows?

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