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Meet the good cop, same as the bad cop

vastleft's picture headline: "Pelosi's new mission: Block Obama deals with GOP — Some in Dem ranks fear president will go too far in accommodating GOP following the midterms."

I suppose it's a measure of something that the powers that be decided the left needs a little kabuki about supposedly pushing back on Obama's conservatism, even if it's dishonestly couched as capitulation.

In the reality-based world, Chris Floyd has no truck with the myth of Obama as a lefty who must be dissuaded from "accommodating" the right:

Barack Obama is already one of the most right-wing presidents we’ve ever had, building upon and expanding virtually every pernicious policy of his oligarchic predecessor.
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to act in a politically creative manner, he'd turn around and make the next few years a referendum within the Democrats on rejecting Nanacy Pelosi. Not only because she'll be a useless "doorstop" to getting anything done in DC, but because, as House Dems seem too afraid to admit, running against Pelosi is actually working as an election tactic. The reality, I suspect, is that Obama, along with most of DC's Dem establishment is in no position to challenge Pelosi's chokehold on power within the party - he does, after all, owe a lot of his ability to force himself into the Presidential race over Hillary Clinton to the fact that Pelosi was his most powerful backer in that fight... a fact which many people seem far too ignorant of, or too willing to just ignore.

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would be Obama's desired policy output from such "creativity"? What is it Obama wants "done" that he's failed to consumate, and is that anything devoutly to be wished for?