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Medicare Utopia Myth Still Prevalent among Waking Victims of ACA High Cost-Sharing

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NYT. The Times profiles citizens who are realizing that the shiny "low" premiums they were PR'd to death to focus on by the Obama ACA PR Machine were meaningless, because high deductibles, narrow networks, out of pocket, cost sharing etc.

One 61-year old woman forewent a brain scan to follow up (preventively) on a brain hemmorage because she suddenly learned (!!) that her shiny low-premium new ObamaCare plan has a $6,000 deductible meaning she'd be paying out of pocket for a scan that potentially could prevent the next hemmorrage.

That it is taking this long (encounters with real experience that was clearly evident in the actual policy-designs if she hadn't been (probably) reading the NYT and listening to NPR as proxies of the truth) for the victims of the Great ObamaCare Con is a testament to how successful Obama and the crony "liberal" media have been in convincing citizen-marks to shell out for worthless insurance products that deliver no health care.

It seems that a ruder awakening is in store for such people, as they count minutes until they are eligible for Medicare, not realizing that Medicare has been so infested by rentier-privatization provisions that very few eligible Americans are even able to use Medicare unless they can afford the costly "Medigap" plans for health care and the indecipherable private Drug plans. Because Medicare simpliciter has an (1) increasingly narrower network of participating doctors, (2) has no out of pocket limit for hospitalizations, (3) requires "cost sharing" on all care, etc. etc. So for many, it is a train from From ObamaCare Clusterfuck to Medicare Clusterfuck.

Here is the sad delusion in the words of the woman who discovered her ACA policy was unaffordable, in her words:

“A $6,000 deductible — that’s just staggering,” she said. “I never thought I’d say this, but how many minutes until I get Medicare?”

Poor lady - she has no idea.

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Submitted by quixote on

I've been wondering how people would feel once the actual scope of what they were buying under ACA hit their wallets. It's just starting. And the Administration is working every angle to push the bad press past the election. I just read yesterday something about the InsureCos have been given an extra month to do some kind of accounting or reporting. It doesn't sound like a big deal. But toward the bottom, the article pointed out this means rate hikes for ACA 2015 get pushed past this election.

(I've kind of stopped following this crap because it makes me so sick. Hence the extreme vagueness. But I do remember vividly that the rate hikes would only become known after Nov 4.)

Submitted by Dromaius on

Rate hikes.

YES YOU CAN get those by visiting the state insurance commissioners and digging deep enough. The insurance commissioners publish the rates.

Anybody reading this, try it. If you have trouble, feel free to private message me here at Corrente.