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Medicare for All; letters to the editor

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Americans need publicly financed, privately delivered health care

‘Healthcare Not Warfare’ at Denver DNC!

Nation needs single-payer health care

Letter: Backs ‘healthy’ candidates

In deciding who to support, I will look closely at whether the candidates perceive an urgency to repair the health care system. I favor a single payer, government-sponsored system which cuts out wasteful administrative costs and provides necessary (as determined by patient and medical staff) and preventive medical care for every person living in this country.

For Wisconsinites who wish to be actively involved in seeking solutions to the health care crisis, there are two organizations to contact: Healthy Wisconsin at and Citizen Action at

Health care disaster

Will the Dems Really Deliver “Guaranteed Healthcare for All”?

DEMOCRAT'S VIEW: Single-payer system is equitable alternative to private insurance

Bring everyone under health care umbrella

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