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Medicare-for-all doctors arrested outside Obama-GOP meeting

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Single Payer Action

Two single payer doctors were arrested this morning outside the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel where President Obama was scheduled to speak to a retreat of House Republicans.

Dr. Margaret Flowers and Dr. Carol Paris were carrying a sign that said: Just Letting You Know: Medicare for All.

“We were on the hotel property holding our sign,” Dr. Flowers said. “The Secret Service said we had to go across the street. We said we would go across the street if our letter was delivered to the President. The Secret Service said that wasn’t possible. They said if we didn’t go across the street we would be arrested. We refused to leave because we didn’t want to continue to be excluded, marginalized and ignored. And they arrested us.”

Flowers and Paris were taken to the Central Police headquarters.

They were separately questioned by the Secret Service.

The Baltimore Police charged them with trespass and they were released.

“Every time they said — if you just go across the street, everything will be fine,” Dr. Paris said. “And we would respond — that is the problem. We are always asked to go across the street. And nothing changes. This is putting into practice what Howard Zinn taught us. Go where you are not supposed to be. And say what you are not supposed to say. And that’s what we were doing.”

(Bill Hughes video)
Not a proud day for the Secret Service.

NOTE Dr. Flowers will be live blogging at Corrente this coming week on Thursday, February 4, at 1:00PM.

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Submitted by lambert on

There doesn't seem to be any coverage of this, and it's not front-paged on the access blogs.

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Submitted by TreeHugger on

their new anti-crashing the party policy. At the very least, a bit late and totally misdirected...

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Submitted by carissa on

That they are giving them is bullshit. It's NOT the same as a private residence and the law has confirmed that private property that is open to the public (such as shopping malls) falls under completely different rules. Off to find it...

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Submitted by dblhelix on

there's been controversy over even using a camera to take pictures in outdoor multiuse shopping areas like Downtown Silver Spring and Rockville Town Center, both in 'liberal' Montgomery County. The argument was that management had the right to prohibit photography, but they don't get that privilege since both enterprises are public-private partnerships. Won't stop private mgmt from exerting pressure, I think.

I was in Downtown Silver Spring, and someone from the MD-Libertarians was collecting signatures -- a security guard kicked him out. So even w/ the law on your side, I'd expect harassment.

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Submitted by dblhelix on

oops -- just realized, same county, two different outlooks. Could this be any more FUBAR'd?

While downtown Silver Spring's managers--supported by county officials--continue to insist that they have the right to restrict photography as they see fit, Rockville's authorities are taking the opposite tack, demanding that the developer of the city's new Town Square allow people the full range of free expression that existed on Rockville's streets prior to this development.

Submitted by hipparchia on

i'm sorry to hear about the privatization part of it, but good for them for insisting on keeping once-public spaces still-public.

Submitted by Anne on

just blocks from where this meeting was, and I heard NOTHING about it. And there was nothing in the local paper this morning, either.

I mean, why would this get any coverage when it might make people think there ARE other alternatives to this designed-by-Rube-Goldberg plan?

So much for, "if anyone has any better ideas," huh?

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Submitted by marcopolo on

As a seller, start out with the highest price possible; make reciprocal concessions as necessary.

Start out demanding socialized medicine: VA Health Care for all. Socialized medicine allows for the greatest possible efficiencies in the delivery of health care. Fall back on Medicare for All as a compromise position.

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Submitted by jumpjet on

I didn't, but I'm starting to want to go back and watch it. Everyone's comparing it to Question Time in the House of Commons.

Imagine if Obama were required to go before both caucuses of both parties once a month and answer questions, with the resulting forum broadcast live on public television. It might be a good chance for the liberals in the Democratic Party to air their views.