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Medicare for all medley

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West Virginia Belly Dancers to Protest for Single Payer Outside Home Office of Congresswoman Capito

US Sen Baucus: Insurers Have To Negotiate On Public Plan

Sen. Max Baucus said Friday the health insurance industry may have to compromise on a public insurance option to cover uninsured people or risk losing a spot at the bargaining table.

Dr. Christine Adams

It makes no sense to subsidize private, for-profit health plans just for us to have the privilege of having private companies continue to play a central role in health care financing. Medicare Advantage is a perfect example of that model. For the privilege of continuing to include for-profit private health plans, the U.S. taxpayer gets to pay 14%-20% more per Medicare recipient than for those in traditional Medicare (a single payer model, albeit imperfect). For the privilege, we do not get any value for our extra tax dollars. Medicare Advantage members do not have better medical outcomes and frequently they have worse medical outcomes - even though Medicare Advantage programs cherry-pick the healthiest in the Medicare pool. And where do we find our best
medical outcomes at the best price? Our socialized medicine Veterans Administration Medical System.

Focus health care money on care

Local doctors, politicians talk health care reform

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Is that the government gets the poorer, generally unhealthier people, and Big Insurance gets the richer, generally healthier people. Really holding their feet to the fire, eh Max?