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Medical marijuana saves lives

Bangor Daily News:

Researchers aren’t sure why, but in the 23 states where medical marijuana has been legalized, deaths from opioid overdoses have decreased by almost 25 percent, according to a new analysis.

“Most of the discussion on medical marijuana has been about its effect on individuals in terms of reducing pain or other symptoms,” said lead author Dr. Marcus Bachhuber in an email to Reuters Health. “The unique contribution of our study is the finding that medical marijuana laws and policies may have a broader impact on public health.”

Well, I'm not sure, but I can guess!

People are medicating themselves with painkillers that don't kill them! That would be why. You can take too many pills and die -- accidentally or on purpose. I haven't read many news stories about people smoking too many joints and dying, have you?

Though of course, when Big Pharma gets into the act, they'll probably invent a THC pill, and then we'll be right back to square one. (One more reason why states that legalize marijuana should be optimizing for local growers, and no advertising. If there's one lesson from the War on Drugs -- besides the manifold benefits of throwing a whole generation of black men into very profitable jails and buying a ton of toys for State-sponsored ammosexuals -- it's that we do not need any corporate structures to sell marijuana. If you want to, how hard is it to find a dealer? (OK, OK, dealing is a business like any other, and there's markup and rent-seeking and monopolization in that business too. But was usual, the real scandal is what's legal, and by definition there's been none of that in the marijuana trade. (Just leave the System D social capital in place right where it is. Don't change a thing, but don't throw people in jail who participate in it!)))

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Any serious pot-head knows why: It's the safest, non addicting high, extant. Very little to no health risks long term (mental or physical), rarely a hangover even when over indulged (and nothing serious even then).
Opioids are highly addictive (and seriously ilegal), deadly, and expensive with a rapidly diminishing return as tolerance builds quickly.
One can only hope mushrooms and peyote aren't far behind in legalization.