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Meanwhile in Vermont

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Argus Times

MONTPELIER – Hundreds of Vermonters filled the Statehouse Tuesday for a public forum on health care reform, with a vast majority urging lawmakers to adopt a single-payer system.

The Vermont Legislature's two health care committees scheduled the forum to get direction from residents as they prepare to study a host of dramatic changes to Vermont's health care system, including a single-payer system, a public option and other proposals.

U.S. Sen. Bernard Sanders, a Vermont independent, was the first speaker at the forum. Hoarse from a cold, Sanders defended his vote in favor of the national health care reform bill and told lawmakers that the country will now be looking to the states to lead for more progressive reforms.

"At the end of the day, it will be a state that will lead the country to a rational health care system," Sanders said. "We have an opportunity here for America to show them what a comprehensive, universal system looks like. If Vermont leads, other states will follow."

Someone needs to tell Bernie Sanders about section 1332.


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Submitted by jumpjet on

I don't care a shit about Section 1332. We're pushing forward with single-payer for the states and I dare them to try and stop us. I'm ready to fight in more ways than one.

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We could agitate to get Kucinich's amendment put back in. But otherwise I'm with jj: single-payer is the top prog priority during our leg session this year, and I dare the fucking Feds to enforce anything that will prevent the Several States from delivering health care to their citizens.

In fact, this might be the way to force the issue nationally. What a great Court case: single-payer states vs the Health Care Deform Act of 2010.