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Meanwhile in California ...

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Single Payer Health Care Forum - Jody Reid speaks the State Single Payer Bill

Single Payer Now held its annual Potluck and Health Care Forum December 19 in San Francisco. Hear Jody Reid, the Executive Director of the California Association of Retired Americans (CARA), speak on current efforts to pass SB 810, the California Universal Healthcare Act. The CARA membership fully supports Single Payer Health Care. State Representative Tom Ammiano also spoke at the event. (13 minutes)

It is just plain weird the way that California senators and representatives at the federal level are so indifferent to what is happening in their own state. It is even weirder that California bloggers have paid no attention to the debate in their own state. weird.

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At this point it can't be anything else but willful ignorance. There's that line about someone not knowing something when their job depends on them not knowing it- I think that applies here. The big bloggers can't 'know' about the robustness of single-payer movements in the states because their access to power depends on them accepting the reality fed to them by Washington, which states that single-payer is nowhere close to achievable and that they should be happy with what they're getting.