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Meanwhile on the A-List

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Huffington Post clearly drinks the Blue Dog and Republican koolaid that there is a Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid "Crisis", and that Obama's "Fiscal Summit" is there to "fix" it. No evidence is cited (none being available), but to quote: "The entitlement programs face eventual bankruptcy, although experts differ on how urgently each is threatened.". Heh. Indeed.

Daily Howler has a typically devastating slapdown on this exact kind of moronic, lazy, D+ reporting (his example: Ceci Connally) that teabags bi-partisan (ergo Republican) talking points on the so-called SS crisis.

True to their word, both Firedoglake and Atrios are also pushing back on this to varying degrees.

Meanwhile, at WKJM's site, once* the go-to blog for Social Security pushback, crickets can be clearly heard on the issue, however pushing back against the perceived deterioration of Obama's honeymoon is of the utmost importance, and so it gets front page billing.

Priorities, doncha know.

*a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

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