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McClatchy rolls out site redesign with new motto: "Speaking Truth to Power"

Well, "truth to power." No point being silent, eh?


Here's hoping...

Because it's sure been lonely out here on the fringes with the all the DFH types and 70% of the American population...

This kind of story will do to go on with. It seems like for some Iraqis, the helicopters have already left the embassy roof:

In the four years since U.S. troops toppled Saddam Hussein, hundreds of Iraqis have gone to work as interpreters - "terps" in soldiers' parlance - for an American force that has few Arabic speakers and little familiarity with local customs.

The job is risky: Many terps - there are no official figures on how many - have been hunted down and killed by Sunni Muslim insurgents and Shiite Muslim militias, and an unknown number have quit their jobs after receiving death threats. Eighteen, including some from Afghanistan, have been given sanctuary in the United States, according to figures compiled by the office of Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass.

But dozens, some with knowledge of sensitive U.S. operations and infrastructure in Iraq, have been denied entry. No longer assets to the American war effort and shunned as traitors by their communities, they've fled to Syria, Jordan and other countries.

Like other former interpreters, Abdul Kareem's past haunts him even in the relative sanctuary of Syria. He avoids sections of Damascus where supporters of Iraqi insurgents might recognize him. He's careful with his phone conversations and laptop files, which are filled with images from his interpreter's life, for fear that Syrian authorities will learn about his old job and interrogate him to extract intelligence on U.S. operations in Iraq.

Abdul Kareem said he'd pleaded for help at the American Embassy in Amman, Jordan, but that his case was brusquely dismissed and he was forced to leave the country. He moved to Syria and began sending frantic, pleading e-mails to his friends in the U.S. military.

When his calls for help went unanswered, he said, he understood that he could rely only on himself to stay safe.

Yeah, just like the rest of us! Welcome to The World Bush made!

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