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McCain's Tire Gauge Gambit

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Despite voting against raises in the minimum wage and years of denying worker's rights to organize John McCain struck a chord with some employees of an Ohio company recently. Following Obama's suggestion that Americans could improve their gas mileage by having accurate tire pressure McCain decided tire gauges would be a great way to mock him as part of the “it’s the Democrats fault gas prices are high” campaign.

McCain needed tire gauges and he needed them fast. His campaign approached “Tire Gauges ‘r Us” (TGU) of Ohio with an order for 1 million. Hearing that TGU could only create 500,000 at a time the campaign said they would have McCain receive the order in person if TGU could make them within 24 hours. Inspired the workers labored long and hard and succeeded in producing 975,000 by the deadline.

A smiling TGU President Les Enmore delivered the gauges at a gala ceremony. “We didn’t make the goal, but we were damn close,” he proclaimed.
“We appreciate the effort,” said campaign spokesman Jay Walker.
“Where’s McCain?” came a cry from a worker who was quickly hustled off.
Ignoring the outburst Walker went on to conclude, “You all should be honored to work for a company like TGU.”
“Where’s our bonus?” screamed another.
“Strike!” yelled someone else as he and a group of unruly workers were removed from the area.
“We appreciate John McCain's efforts to help small business and the workers of Ohio," said Enmore following the ceremony, "In fact we’ll be having a job fair next week.”

Asked if he had offered the Obama campaign a deal Enmore shook his head, “No, Senator Obama uses digital gauges.”

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It'd have been funny if one couldn't imagine this actually happening. lol