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McCain dressed supporters in Confederate uniforms. In the year 2000. WTF?

This article (une tippe of le vieux chapeau to the man in the grey turtleneck) is about George Felix Allen (Racist-VA), but the interesing part is down at the end. It's about an episode McCain had to have known about:

Senator John McCain's misadventure with the neo-Confederate movement in the 2000 South Carolina primary provides a cautionary tale that must not be lost on Allen. Facing George W. Bush in South Carolina, McCain hired Richard Quinn as his state field manager. Quinn was an editor of the neo-Confederate magazine Southern Partisan, and a frequent critic of Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela, who he once dubbed a "terrorist." Before the primary, Quinn organized a rally of 6,000 people in support of flying the Confederate flag over the statehouse. Quinn dressed up McCain volunteers in Confederate Army uniforms as they passed fliers to the demonstrators assuring them that McCain supported the Confederate flag.

Well, look. He didn't dress them up in white sheets, did he? Let's be reasonable here, people.

But then McCain flip-flops on the Confederate flag issue, and all the racist loons and goons get pissed, and turn on him. To the benefit of the "compassionate conservative" George W. Bush, of course:

As soon as news spread that McCain had called for removal of the Dixie flag from the statehouse, the SCV's Richard T. Hines funded the distribution of 250,000 fliers accusing McCain of "changing his tune" and describing Bush as "the [only] major candidate who refused to call the Confederate flag a racist symbol." Bush surged ahead of McCain and took South Carolina, dooming McCain's presidential hopes.

"People didn't buy it," [Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) organizer Gordon Lee] Baum told me about McCain's gambit. "When he thought the flag issue would help him, he was for it. When thought it wouldn't help him, going north, he denounced it. And you still have all these gullible liberals who think McCain's a saint."

Not this liberal, thank you very much. And not any liberal I know. Maybe there's a gullible Centrist who might believe it. The kind of Moderate who thinks Vanity08 is plausible.

OK, so maybe McCain called for Confederate flag to be taken off the statehouse dome. Fine. But why dress his supporters in Confederate uniforms in the first place?

NOTE Beautiful thing, that "lost cause." Shame about the slaves. And the whips. And the markets. And all that.

UPDATE Lord Kos, may He live forever, also focuses on Allen at the start of the article, not McCain at the end. But Jeebus. Confederate uniforms? Maybe McCain can repudiate that before he visits Bob Jones university again.

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