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Maybe the English were onto something not joining the Euro and keeping the Pound?

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Nigel, oh Nigel. The Gregory Brothers were mocking you here, but I remember these words:

"I have no doubt that it's your intention to be the quiet assassin of European Democracy."

And guess what happened?
The rise of the technocrats, replacing European democracy. The governments of numerous democratic countries had their leaders just "disappeared" and replaced with European Central Bank "technocrats."

I saw this happen! And the only person who told the truth about what was happening was, again, Nigel!

"It's like an Agatha Christie novel. Who's going to get bumped off next?"

And then he goes on, saying "I thought you'd be a QUIET assassin of democracy. I was wrong. You're being quite noisy about doing it."

And it's done, yes?

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Watching video #2, my breath is taken away. He's talking about the death of the nation state! He's read Bobbitt.

And can anyone disagree that the empire to end all empires, the global Market State, is a disaster? (if one is so petty to care about things like human rights?)