If you have "no place to go," come here!

Maybe somebody should do something...

... like supporting emerging parties on their blog.

Since everything else has failed, eh?

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ouch... hope he reads this post, because that was a nice shot. Yeah, you know, Atrios has a lot of power that he refuses to use. Not sure why.

Seems like he's a little too in love with snark, which, in truth, is excellent snark. But at some point Maybe He Should Do Something.

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Back in 2003, he gave several of us our start as the first "summer interns." Leah and the ones still here.

And I envy his ability to "name and claim" issues in very short, simple phrases ("The Big Shitpile"). It's not fair to classify that talent as mere "snark"; in fact, it's very, very hard to do. And since Atrios has some sort of ability to back away from the blogosphere, back into academe, I think he's a lot less, well, polluted than the career "progressives," who have so adapted to the Versailles environment that they can't survive anywhere else (and hence attempt to reproduce it whereever they go).

And if you've noticed, Atrios is an order of magnitude more pissed off than any of the other bloggers political bloggers who came up in the fight against Bush. Heck, he sounds as pissed of as me (and definitely as pissed off as Yves; she's an econoblogger, and it may be that it's Atrios's training as an economist that helps him see the trainwreck the Ds have created).

That said, yes, this post is a kick in the pants. If Krugman won't use his bully pulpit, maybe Duncan can use his. It could make a difference.

NOTE I mean, operationally, "nobody should consider buying a house now" is exactly the same as "rent party". It's just that Atrios is, er, hoping for a remission.

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Yeah, I totally agree. He's got an amazing talent that goes well beyond snark. I started reading him in the early 2000s after getting booted from DKos for having prohibited opinions. Soon after that I discovered Somerby. So I guess I owe a big thanks to the DKos community for kicking me out. Otherwise I might not have discovered much better stuff.