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Maybe now "progressives" will stop yammering about the tea-partiers

Kevin Drum says it's OK to move on. Read the post, check the history, check the demographics. Same old, same old.

Of course, career "progressives" need to keep the hit count high to maintain the confidence of their clients, so expect nothing of importance or interest to emerge from the "pros." But then, nothing would anyhow, so who cares?

Look! Over there! A tea-partier just walked into a Denny's!

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... and leading a massive armed revolution? Isn't that the scare tactic many folks here at Corrente have been throwing out at us? How we are living in a vacuum if we aren't shitting our pants because of the Tea Partiers and the increase in gun sells? Ha.

Also, I like how Drum also mentions talk radio during the Clinton era. There is always a lot of talk about how things are worse, safety wise, with Obama than ever. Its like no one even remembers the 1990s. 15 years is a long time I guess.