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Maybe If He Promises to Title it "Ratfucking! My Life in Slime" ?

Maybe if he swore an oath--or better yet provided contemporaneous video of the process--that he wrote this under the severest interrogation available, including electrodes to the testicles if they make lead clips that small, somebody might yawn and decide to shop it for entertainment value since even with the above mentioned procedures there seems little likelihood that there's a word of truth anywhere in this:

The auction for Karl Rove's memoir drags on a month after the Republican strategist made the rounds of publishers with Washington power lawyer Robert Barnett at his side.

Heh, as they say. Oh, and on another jolly note,

looks like maybe Murdoch Scaife's* appetite for direct-to-discount-bin-then-the-paper-pulp-mill crapola is off just a tad. From the same source, Crains:

Mr. Rove isn't the only conservative meeting a backlash. The latest tome by right-wing scribe Ann Coulter, If Democrats Had Any Brains They'd Be Republicans, hasn't caught fire with book buyers.

What a shock. Yawn. Better brush up on your Rule of Contracts, Annie honey sweetiepie. Your looks are going and it would appear that your literary success has exceeded its sell-by date too.

Smoochies, sweetcheeks. With a rattlesnake.

*Slimeball pimp for the VRWC corrected, unless Murdoch does this shit too. Hard to keep these people straight, and I apologize to whoremongers for the disparaging comparison.

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