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"May There Be Mercy on Man and Machine for Their Sins"

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Yeah, yeah. It's late in the day and Friday too, which means there's a news dump I should be reading about. But all this posting on how depressed I am has driven me to throw in the pop video moment for this week. Although the videos I'm posting here are not the ones I'll shortly be watching, I thought I'd share some of my favorites. Sometimes, I foolishly assume readers here have seen every video and movie I have, so I'm curious to hear your reactions, those of you to whom this is new.

Forget the Matrix movies for a second, and concetrate on just these two pieces. Here's how they struck me: "Man" = the West, "machine" = third world and oppressed (brown) people living in those places that have oil and other natural resources that make our Western lives comfy, and the "Second Renaissance" a metaphor for what will happen when our neo-liberal economic system comes crashing down around our ears. Note how the "machines" learn and respond to threats to themselves, exponentially, as "we" apply greater and more powerful military technologies to defeat them. Remind you of anyplace?

It's a thought, no? How do you think it would feel to have ravening hoards of Others literally stripping you of your body's energy, after you've been a part of the system that destroyed the environment, sucked dry the last energy resource, and hypocritically denied Other voices from having a place in the decision making process because of your racism? There is so much here in these little vignettes; pop culture usually fails to accomplish much, but these have become more powerful to me over the years since they were released.

Part One:

and Part Two:

Gotta love the (still, mostly) free Intertubes, which allow me to share a moment in corporate-produced product that only my boy Herbert Marcuse could explain in a way that makes sense. The technocracy that absorbs and crushes the protestor as a legitimizing yet powerless function(ary) of the order, etc...

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