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Max Baucus can't read polls

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Well Armed Lamb

I listened to a stomach-turningly dishonest colloquy with Senator Max Baucus last night on NPR. Baucus declared he wouldn't "waste (his) time" fighting for universal care which had no political support.

As we know, a majority of Americans and a majority of doctors support a Medicare for All system.

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than it does to us. For him, political support comes from the large donation from the Big Money and Big Corporations. For us, it's the will of the people.

To Baucus this probably makes eminent sense. And to the corporations, since they have no vote, albeit the Supreme Court declared them to have the rights of persons, they have only their wealth to give them clout.

This is how a coporatist state works. Money talks, loudly.

Baucus reads the polls that count to him very well.

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Submitted by Jess Fiedorowicz on

Indeed, political support is code for political feasibility and not popular support.

The political support spin must somehow be confronted for what it is-- political cowardice (or worse).