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Maureen Dowd and Media Matters for America

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If you want to know why Maureen Dowd hates David Brock (nope, not linking to that column, you can find it if you like) you have only to look at the work Media Matters for America has done exposing her editorial malpractice.

NY Times Columnist Maureen Dowd Promised To Make Column Subject "Look Great"

Emails between New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd and Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal show Dowd promising that a column to be written about Pascal "would make sure you look great."

Maureen Dowd Reaches Self-Parody: Links Robin Williams' Death To Hillary Clinton Attack

While Maureen Dowd Smears Clinton Foundation, Colleague Nicholas Kristof Works With It

The Numbers Behind Maureen Dowd's 21-Year Long Campaign Against Hillary Clinton

72 Percent Of Dowd Columns Negative Towards Clinton

Since Hillary Clinton burst upon the scene in 1992 the celebrity press corps has been out t get her, and Maureen Dowd has been one of the worst offenders. At first there was BartCop, Bob Somerby, and Media Whores Online to push back. But since the launch of Media Matters for America there has been a sustained online push back exposing Dowd and others for the hollow liars that they are. And they don't like it.

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Dowd's latest anti-Hillary column appeared on Sunday with the title "Call off the Dogs". At least one commenter advised the Dowd to take her own advice. Her lack of self awareness (among other things) is stunning.